hls-personalbubble asked: what salon did you go to?

famous hair design in milpitas CA :)

Really want this…. But it’s sold on eBay and I’m scared that it’b be fake. SO pretty tho!

New viddy!

Gonna make some new videos tonight!

Can someone suggest some topics.. I don’t update often cause I really don’t know what to make it about..

ooseuum asked: What hair dye did you use? :3

I did it at a salon. Although it was a lot more expensive i honestly think it’s worth it! My hair isnt even damaged. But make sure you go to a good salon that actually cares about your hair.

new hair color!!! (the purple!)

kawarii asked: Thank you for letting me know about your dress, I know I'm late on this thank you. :( But I think you're super pretty, I'm a big fan of your youtube videos!

Haha no problem! Did you find a cute dress for prom? ^^ and yay! Thanks for liking my videos, I’ll try to make more soon!

I love hotpot omg……

Benefit of Coconut Juice/water

Age Spots, Wrinkles, and Other Skin Problems

Researchers have found that Cytokinins help regulate the cell growth and their divisions. Coconut Water contains these cytokinins and lauric acid which can minimize the aging of skin cells, balance PH levels, and keep the connective tissues strong and hydrated. 

Boosting Energy

Coconut water has less sugar and sodium content compared to most sports drinks, while packing more Potassium, Calcium, and Chloride, which makes it a better choice to rehydrate, replenish and boost the body’s energy levels after any strenuous activity or workout. 

Cardiovascular Health

Drinking coconut water on a regular basis can be quite effective at regulating blood pressure due to its high concentration of potassium and lauric acid. Coconut water can also help increase HDL (good) cholesterol, which makes it a wonderful natural treatment for maintaining good cardiovascular health. 


Rich in Potassium and other minerals, Coconut Water helps to regulate our internal fluids and replenish and rehydrate the body. Drinking one cup of Coconut Water twice daily during digestive tract abnormalities, hot temperatures, and after strenuous workouts can help rehydrate the body quickly. 

Digestive Problems

Coconut Water contains Lauric acid which our body converts into monolaurin. Monolaurin has great antiviral, antiprozoal and antibacterial activity which helps fight against intestinal worms, parasites, lipid-coated viruses and other gastrointestinal tract infections in children and adults. 

Weight Loss

Coconut water is a natural electrolyte and isotonic beverage, which help increase the body’s metabolism. 

**Sorry the description is so long. I copied and pasted ^___^; But I kinda cut it short… Is it just me tho? When I read how good something is for my body, I start to like the taste. I used to HATE coconut but now I love this stuff!